-An epidemic of late cancelations & no-shows have exhausted our goodwill.

-Regrettably, we must institute a Zero Tolerance for cancelations & no-shows.

Sessions must be canceled with a minimum

48 HOURS notice or FULL CHARGE will apply

– Demand for hourly space is at a premium. Lost bookings often come too late to fill the slot & potentially new, long-term future customers were turned away.

We are not responsible for:

  • Weather
  • Car Trouble or Traffic
  • Sickness & Sniffles
  • Flaky Musicians
  • Band Politics
  • Personal Injuries
  • Hangovers
  • Forgetfulness
  • Family Problems
  • Spousal Events
  • Stat Holidays & Events
  • Spontaneous Getaways
  • Time Management
  • Home Repair Issues
  • Work Schedules
  • Conflicting Appointments
  • et cetera, et cetera

While we sympathize with many of these reasons, it’s unfair for us to solely bear the loss of money and opportunity for preventable reasons beyond our control.

Tips to mitigate cancelations:

  • The person responsible for cancelling pays for it & also makes the call
  • Email to make bookings, and BCC every band member
  • Anticipate traffic & weather delays (we do live in Canada)
  • Consider if you or your band are really serious about playing music together
  • Replace the chronic canceler or question their commitment to the band
  • Is the reason for canceling truly serious, or just a lame excuse?
  • Don’t book sessions for early Saturday & Sunday if you, or other members, like to party the night before
  • Jam anyways, work on new tunes, hangout, socialize. Don’t let one person ruin your vibe and reputation

We regret taking this action. We value your business & we hope you understand we can no longer absorb this continuing loss.